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 Oh, my GOD.  

The pain in my arms (upper arms, today, right above the elbows, on both sides) is severely interfering with my ability to concentrate, which is a bitch, since I need to read numbers off lists and check for missing forms.  I can't take the day off since I was sick Monday, and am going to be off two days for the Plimoth trip (I don't work Fridays, thank heavens).  Plus my boss wants to meet with me to find out what I've been doing for the past month and a half.

(Note to self:  Do not say "working on stuff on the Internet", since updating your web site and working on your shop is not actually part of your job duties.)

I'll be back posting next Tuesday, hopefully with pictures (if Bob doesn't forget and take the camera to the farm, in which case, I'll steal all of pinkleader's pictures). 

Excuse me; I have to go back to earning a living now.  Have a couple of LOLaurels on me (I may have done the first one before, I don't remember - but you have to have pity on me, because I'm in pain):
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