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bun: sugar high


We went to a lovely party at pinkleader and her inestimable husband's house, to say goodbye to kass_rants and Bob, as they get ready to start the next stage of their life in St. Croix.  It was delightful meeting the greyhounds for the first time, and we're going to miss you guys!  Of course, I still have plans for new patterns.

Thanks to Theo and Roland for hosting us.  I had lovely Hobbes time, thank you.  :)

Sadly, after all that excitement and travelling, I'm having what I guess one would call an "episode", in that I am constantly tired and want to sleep.  I've been asleep more hours than I've been awake today, and I'm barely holding on for The Soup (my favourite Wednesday programme).  So, I thought until it come on, I'd show off what Bob's been making for the house.

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