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xmas skaters

I heard the bells...




*sings* I get to build a biiiiig doooollhooooooouse...*sings*

Have an awesome government-mandated holiday, everyone, everywhere*.  :)

*of course, including anyone who reads this who lives in a country that doesn't officially have the day off.  For my AUS/NZ readers, I hope it's a lovely sunny day with cool breezes.  My little section of the world has to deal with two feet of melting snow.
me and my vulture

When I was but a little tiny girl...

A Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers, single or paired. I love you all, in a big squishy, but not creepy way. You keep me writing.

No mocking Valentine's Day post this year - it sort of slipped by me, and I failed to plan. If you want to read some writings from years past, go here and here.

Instead, I'm going to answer elizabethnmafia 's request to hear more about my childhood. With pictures. 

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