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I want to nibble on your brains...

om nom nom

2 December
This my journal. Me make stuff good. Me like to talk about it sometimes. Me use more prepositions in actual entries.

This diary is almost never locked (I have learned never to commit something to the Intarwebs that I might someday wish I hadn't), so you don't need to ask if you can friend me - feel free. Or not (lurking and anonymous commenting is just fine), it's entirely up to you. I apologize, but I cannot automatically friend you back due to time considerations (as in, I can't keep up with my friends' list as it is). I do, however, pop in on all of your journals from time to time, and appreciate them muchly.

It seems that my little corner of LJ has grown up a little, and I'm overjoyed that so many people actually find what I have to say interesting. But I think it's time that I expanded my comments policy just a teeny tiny bit. So, new policies:

1. Don't be a Dick. This actually informs all the other points, and it's a good one for life as well as the Intarwebs. I write about things you might not always agree with; you're free to comment, anonymously or not, but don't start a fight or make personal attacks on commenters you disagree with. I love a good debate, but I'm not so interested in yelling, insults, and flame wars because *yawn* booooooo-ring! If you find what I or my regular commenters say so infuriating that you have to impress upon us how wrong-headed we are, do so politely, and don't keep arguing with people who have made it clear that they are done. If you need to write massive repudiations, get your own journal.

2. I reserve the right to ban or temporarily ban commenters. I tend not to delete comments (see #3 for the exception), because I want stuff in the open, but being rude has consequences. If you're a regular reader, you get a warning. I don't want to get mad with the powerz, so bannination is not going to be a regular thing, but it could happen.

#3. So far, we have managed to stay remarkably troll-free, but this being the Intarwebs, I don't expect to stay that way forever (especially when I talk about more controversial subjects). Outright trolls will be banned, no exceptions. You have no first amendment rights here. Particularly funny trolls may be identified as such, and regular readers will be invited to go crazy with the fail macros, but this is only allowed if I give permission. I am the person to decide who's a troll and who isn't, so no commenter backseat modding, please.

#4. This is a place for free exchange of opinions. If you can't handle opposing viewpoints, I won't be offended if you de-friend me, nor do I mind if you can't handle the fact that I tend to swear like a Marine at times. That being said, be prepared for people to argue with you. I'm cool as long as it stays polite. Also, also that being said, said, no dogpiling. If I ask a person to be polite, do not then jump all over them. Once a warning is given, no other commenting on the warning is allowed. Dogpiling is a temporary ban risk. I'm just sayin'. Otherwise, I have no requirements about staying on topic, or anything. Feel free to go crazy. :)

#5. This is not always a serious blog, and I often jump from one subject to another - as in, this blog has no theme, except maybe "Laura's Brain Meats". If you really want me to talk about something, e-mail me, or comment, and I'll consider it, but I can't guarantee I'll have anything much to say. I will do my best to put all potentially triggering subjects behind a cut with a warning.

#6. All content is copyright me, except where noted, or attributed to someone else. Feel free to link to any public post, but please don't cut and paste the whole thing (excerpts are allowed, especially if it encourages people to click through).

#7. This is a new policy, based on my expanding learning of social justice. I am in the process of removing ableist and sizeist language from my old posts (I make mistakes, too), and I respectfully request that people refrain from any hateful or hurtful language that is based on the oppression of other people. Calling people an asshole is fine, but genderist, abelist, sizeist, racist, and other ist language that relies on hate to make the joke is not welcome here.

My journal. You're welcome to it.