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Frills and Bows and Furbelows*

An informative post, with some fun stuff:

First, we have a new e-mail address. I've updated it on my website, and everyone who was in our address book will be getting an update notice (I think there were some people in my address book who no longer talk to me or want to, so that should be amusing), but I'll also give it to you here: elsworthy AT comcast DOT net.

Easy peasy, right? Same name, different provider.

Second, I got my copy of PoF4, and guess what? It has confirmation from an independent line of research that  my coif-tying theory holds water. Janet Arnold, you rock.

Third, PBS is showing a series called Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work, and last night on Episode 1, they showed the Queen's visit to the US. The footage of her at Jamestown shows some of our guys behind her, and - Carla and me in the Four-Bay window. I am resting my head on my arms, listening to the Queen speak.
This window:

(I'm not in this picture - I had the camera.)

I love being on TV, even though my fifteen minutes of fame is more like 15 nanoseconds - I'm always in a cut shot that lasts less than two seconds, no matter what (I have a similar length cameo in the Jamestown introductory film). I was a bit sad that Bob wasn't shown, because he looked super cool, as can be confirmed here:

...and the Queen passed within four feet of him on her way out of the fort. He said to me later "I saw her, and thought 'she looks just like Laura's mother. But Laura's Mom is better looking'". Hee.

...I have a spider in my printer. It just crawled out a second ago, and ran back in when I tried to squash it. That should make my print jobs today look interesting. sigh.

I will be at Holiday Faire on the 22nd, and I will be selling jewelry and little bunches of flowers (yes, I've documented them - I have pictures) intended to be worn at the bosom. I've got some pretty ones, and they're cheap, so have a look. Eadric will be selling my patterns and other stuff of mine, like knitted purses and lacing cords:

(I've discovered the lacing cords work very well with the chapes/aglets you can get from Historic Enterprises - I can get 3-5 out of one length, depending on how long I make them.)

And... that's about it for today. I've updated my website's accessories page with a couple of my knitted things, but I'm going to wait until I have the second pink sock done before I put them up.
*(...if you don't know what a furbelow is, look it up.  Research is good for you.)

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