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A bunch of things that are floating around like balloons filled with laughing gas..

I'm a crazy, crazy girl - I just ordered some new fitness DVDs because I'm tired of having a poochy belly.  I plan to make it marginally less poochy by exercising. 

Yes, I know.  Big revelation there.

One of the things they always fail to tell you when you are trying to lose significant amounts of weight that have been part of your body for a while (mine since I was a teenager) is that you will become intimately acquainted with loose skin on parts of your body that you would really rather not have look like a Shar-Pei.

Yeah, bikini ready body?  Not if you lose over 50 pounds.  Those ads totally lie.

But - I've gotten off my exercise habit (I used to do it in the afternoons), and my stomach is - soft.  I have some definition, but not nearly the amount that I want.  Hence, diet, to help take off a thin layer of fat that has accumulated because of the Lyrica, and, more importantly, exercise to make the muscles underneath stand up and get with the whole "I want to fit into my vintage clothing again" bandwagon. 

We have fallen off that bandwagon something awful.  My favourite dress barely fits, and I worry about the integrity of the fabric.  Vintage clothing has an evil sense of humour, and is liable to blow a seam at exactly the wrong moment, so avoiding undue stress on 50 year old thread is a good idea.

I have a dream of fitting into the 1930s silk wedding dress I have, but that might remain a dream.  Right now, I can just fasten it if I don't move or breathe, but reducing my waistline circumference would help a lot.  I lift small weights to keep my arms and back in shape, but I haven't developed them enough to not fit into the shoulders of the dress - it's just my pudgy waistline.

There's also this awesome early '40s evening dress...

And the amazing '50s cocktail dress...

You get my point.  Besides, this is a great time to get back on the gluten-free wagon, too - I've been atrocious about sticking to that diet (as in, I have been mainlining pastry products), and now is a good time to start.

Why am I on this kick now?  The Lyrica.  I'm keeping an eye out for nasty side-effects, but right now, it's keeping the pain low (with a little help from my friends in the opiate family), and the lack of bad pain is giving me a sense of purpose. 

So this is how people feel when they're not exhausted all the time.  It's interesting. 

Of course, this may not be permanent, but I plan to take full advantage of it while it lasts.

On to other things - we spent a long weekend at the farm.  We did a little bit of house stuff, but I persuaded Bob to relax and just enjoy the house and land.  We walked down to the "waterfall" (it's really just a little cascade) at one corner of the property, and I was reminded how beautiful the beech trees are.  It was also a planning walk - I want to clear and create a comfortable path all the way along the stream, so we did a little bit of hacking and chopping.  The path is blocked at one point by a huge beech that fell over (but is still alive, just horizontal) across it, but I think we can handle that.  The more exciting thing for me is that there are holly trees all along the route of the path, and I can use them as guideposts.  The other thing I was happy about is that they all have berries, and I can walk down and get holly to decorate the house at Christmas.

(We always had holly - it doesn't seem like Christmas to me without holly and ivy draped everywhere.)

The land really is so beautiful.  So is the house.  Speaking of which, I took pictures:

Remember I told y'all that Bob did this really awesome tile job in the garage bathroom, and I forgot to take pictures?  Yeah.  This one:

  That's our company flag.  Cool, no?

I also took some random updated pics:

A not very good panoramic shot of the SCA/office room - it is also a guest room, hence the armchair and the cot in  the corner.  I'm working on curtains for the shorter windows.

The finally decorated guest bathroom, master bath shower, and I'm not sure if I put up a photo of the finished master bath vanity, so here you go.

Master bedroom and Library (sans books and bookcases, but trust me, it will have them):

Finally, a partial view from the library, and the view from the garage:

Holy cow, this place makes me happy.  I never want to leave.

In work news, our contract may not be picked up, and I could be out of a job by December 18th.  It's not very likely, but it could happen.  I need to get the pattern business going at speed, I guess.  Patterns, ahoy.

Finally, I couldn't work on pattern stuff at the house this time, so I brought my knitting.  It turned out that I left one needle behind, but I didn't let that stop me, and I finished one sock:


It's not a very skilled or accomplished sock, since I work by feel and make notes as I go (so I can knit a second sock that resembles the first one enough to wear them as a pair), but I'm quite pleased with the design and the heel.

The next one will go faster, since I won't spend hours unpicking my mistakes.  I re-did the closure on the heel four times - I kept getting things backwards, and forgetting to turn it inside out for finishing.  When you're working with three needles instead of four, this can be a bit more of a chore than usual.  Still, I like my sock, wonky toes and all.

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