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Tuesday Morning Update

I apologize for the lack of entry yesterday; I was home without intarwebs, because we have bought a flashy new computer, and are in the process of upgrading to real intarwebs access, instead of pokey ole dial-up.

This means we will be sporting a shiny new e-mail address soon; I will change the website contact info once we get it.

I was also home because my doctor (the good one) has upped my Lyrica dosage; she is excited that the Lyrica was having an effect (it was), so she upped the dosage to see if it would improve things even more, and whoa, groggy.  I needed a couple of days to adjust.  I'm still slightly loopy (plz to forgiveness of any tpyos), but I'm now mostly safe to drive, so I'm back at work.

(I refuse to talk politics, except to remind all y'alls to vote, because I can't.)

Despite the groggy, the Lyrica has me hopeful for the first time in ages; I've gone from needing at minimum 6 pain pills a day to managing with four, sometimes three and a half (I often take them in half doses).  I have to adjust carefully; the Lyrica takes away any physical craving for the pain meds, but it cannot stop withdrawal symptoms completely, and I found out Sunday night/early Monday morning that I cannot go 10 hours without any pain meds without having a bad withdrawal reaction.

I thought my skin was going to crawl off my body.  Yuck.

But I'm getting times when I'm completely pain-free, and if I can adapt to the Lyrica so that I'm not groggy and weird-feeling, this could be good.  My doctor thinks I will never be completely pain-free; the condition has gone on for too long to hope for complete recovery, she says.  But we're working towards the point of the pain being manageable without constant painkillers, and I can reserve them for breakthrough pain, rather than needing to take them constantly.

Boring, I know.  But I wanted to give people an update.  I'll be back to my usual cynical self tomorrow (no matter who wins.)

An update on something more of you might be interested in - I finished drawing out the last of the current set of nightcap embroidery patterns last night, and now am finishing up the instructions and historical notes.  I hope to have them ready to send to kass_rants in the next couple of weeks, just in time for Christmas shopping.  I know there's a man on your list who would love an embroidered nightcap.  *evil grin*
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