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*This* is why I'm so tired... (image heavy)

Um, yeah, I should post something, shouldn't I?

I'm oddly depressed right now - probably post-event letdown, methinks.  And the fact that I have to go back to work and not stay at the farm forever.

(I love my farmhouse.)

But anyway - it was a mad, mad, mad, mad week, and lots got done, not least of which the guest bedroom finally has a bed:


So, except for floor and trim, it's pretty much done.  We'll be raising the headboard a little at some point, but not so much that we block the window.

Most of the week was spent on the garage bathroom, which of course, I forgot to get a picture of, so you can't see the really cool tiled floor Bob made.  I'm sorry, I flossed; I meant to get a pic at the end of the week, but I was fried before the event.  Bob was amazing, though, and did twenty times the work I did, making the whole weekend possible.

I really love having people come and stay; this was the first weekend where we were able to accommodate many, many people, and I was in heaven.  Cooking, making sure people have comfy places to stay, washing towels and sheets - it's ridiculously domestic, but I love making people comfortable.  I really dig making sure there's a well-stocked bathroom with plenty of usable miniatures and sample sizes.

Yes, I'm a little odd.  I still love it, and my friends know that they don't need the excuse of an event to come and stay, they just have to ask for a quiet weekend of farm bliss.  Anyone who has put in time helping to make the house and land useable can just announce they're coming - y'all have a standing invitation whenever we're down there.  :)

We also had fun with animals - the weather was warm, and we got toads:


I love toads, and they love our deck - they hang out there under the lights, hunting insects.

(Like mosquitoes - the mossie problem was bad this time, and my legs are covered with welts from the ones the toads didn't catch.  Go toads!)

And we found snakes:

That's a little ring snake (that's my engagement ring it's twisted around, rather fittingly)  we found while lifting slate slabs to build the cooking firepit.

But there was an event - Gardiner's did a really cool Elizabethan LH event on Saturday, and it was great:

(That's the firepit, with Olivia and eleanors_closet working over it - they do all our cooking, and they're awesome.  They don't play SCA much any more, but they are getting into other LH eras.)  It makes sense that Bob and/or I run the event that happens at our place, but next year, Bob is running it with me, because my brain shut down a couple of times during set-up, and the schedule I had for the day needed a little more supervising, which the two of us would have been able to manage better.  Still, the event was awesome, particualrly since we hadn't had one like it for a couple of years since the "Tavern" came down.

Speaking of the missing Tavern, we looked for it:

...But could not find it, which made us sad:

But Fanny the alewife apparently did rather well with the insurance money.

We did get to spiff up some of our things from Pennsic - theblueleader  made fringe, which eleanors_closet, Olivia, and I tied onto the pikes (I made the white fringe):


And overall, we had a really good look for the event, though I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wanted to:



Good times.

And good friends:

You can't really ask for more.
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