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Yesterday, a really irritating thing happened at work, negating roughly a third of the time I overworked this week; technically, I shouldn't be here today, and I'm over my maximum hours for this pay period, but Massive Project[tm] needs a QC guru, and I'm it. Today I get a co-worker up to speed on this, since she'll be doing a lot of it next week while I'm gone.

By the way, I will be incommunicado next week; we're down at the farm getting ready for the Gardiner's event, and it will be awesome with awesomesauce, since we haven't had an event at the farm for two(?) years, as the house building tore up a lot of the land. However, this means no posts; have fun reading my back issues while I'm gone; there's some good stuff from the early days that I haven't tagged yet, so play in my archives.

Or not. Anyway.

So, to cheer myself up yesterday, I went and bought stuff for the house. I also ended up buying a really nice sweater coat/cardigan (with hood) in a larger size so I can leave it at the farm and bum around in it there, while keeping the more fitted-to-me size up here so I can wear it to work.

Yes, I know - I need to stop spending quite so much money, but I have a little extra in the budget thanks to a birthday present last year from my mother, and I have a house to slowly partially furnish. Yesterday, I picked up a nice lamp for the piano (that part of the room is rather dark, and it's hard to read music when you're squinting), and a couple of rather nice ClosetMaid cubes in cherry to hold the sheet music so it isn't sitting in a cardboard box on the floor. It's also to replace the little cubby stand the lamp is sitting on, because that cubby will be moved to the guest bedroom to become the second nightstand once the bed is put together.

Exciting, I know.

Speaking of shopping, Broadway nails has come out with a petite line of false nails (the brand I wear), and I am rocking them - they're less "manicure-y" than the longer ones, which means I can wear them for more period events (like the one we'll be doing in a week), and Jamestown (I don't take my nails off except to change them, since I keep my real nails cut very short, and can't function without some nail. My nail beds are fine, and the false nails have a lower risk of fungus and are thinner than acrylics).

The number of people that comment on how nice my manicure is at Jamestown is getting a bit silly, so I'm happier to have slightly shorter nails. Plus, I have tiny hands, and tiny nails, and the petite version fits better. Catherine Grace can attest to the mutant shortness of my little fingers, especially.

Oh, look - nails. Scintillating conversation, I know. Still, I'm going to rabbit on, because I'm still in a bad mood, and this makes me feel better. It's just a bunch of little things, nothing big.

Like the fact that my skirt is wrinkled, I couldn't get my hair to do what I wanted this morning, and I feel ugly. And fat. And short. Normally, I have an okay body image, but I'm feeling like a squat little tractor this morning, and it's annoying. I forgot to lay out what I wanted to wear last night, and if I haven't decided what to wear the night before, it throws me off in the mornings. I grab weird combinations of clothes, pull on and tear off tops, and change skirts three times, making me a bit late out the door, and even 5 minutes makes an odd difference in the level of traffic.

Stupid little things, but it's amazing how when you start off bad, all the things that would normally be no issue become just the last damn straw. Wrinkled skirts, bad hair, red lights, slow drivers, the guy in front of me at the gate who didn't have a clue and kept asking the guard where to go - no big deal, until a bad day comes along, and it all makes you want to kill something.

So I write it all out here, bore the pants off all of you, and make you all go "why did I even bother to read that?", and I feel better, having handed my mild irritation off to you lot.  *evil* 

Still short and squat, but better. Now to murder some work. *cracks short little knuckles*
Tags: bad temper, grumpy, work

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