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In lieu of words, pictures will have to do. (image heavy)

Um, yeah.  I is mad busy this week (as I think I mentioned... several times ohmygodIdon'tknowhowI'mgoingtogetallthiscrapdone), so here are some pictures:

I will be selling jewelry only at Holiday Faire (must send in money - thatpotteryguy , do I send you money, or them money?), and it will look somewhat like this:

Just FYI, because someone usually asks, no, I don't sell my jewelry on-line.  I'm lazy.

Don't worry - Eadric and Kass will be selling my other stuff.  And there will be...nightcaps!

One of the delightful things about the farm is the amount of wildlife - some of it quite domestic:


The first picture is an epic squirrel nest in the woodshop, the second a little gnatcatcher or wren nest that I found in the tall grass near the woods.

We get awesome wildflowers - and the accompanying butterflies:

A Tiger Swallowtail on (I think) spotted knapweed, and Frittilaries on the six-foot tall milkweed.

And, a few costume pics you probably haven't seen, just for fun:

All my outfits, but on different people.  From left to right:  Me, Duchess Arielle the Golden, and Baroness Maeb ingen Brain.  I like dressing people up.  :)

Finally, one of my favourite pictures of me and Bob:

Alan Quatermain and Mina, at your service.

Back to the sweatshop.

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