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I... I have no words.

Children tear-gassed in Ohio Mosque

(Note: The language of the article is strong, and I do not neccessarily agree with all of it.)

If this was a Christian church, it would be all over every news channel for days. I didn't even hear about it until today. Ohio. Children. Gassed. I do not know who the perpetrators were, but this shit is not. acceptable.

In Ohio! Not Afghanistan, Iraq, or somewhere Americans (automatically, if unfairly) expect this kind of barbarous deed, but in OHIO.

I am horrified. I know there is a sick segment of American society that seems to think it's okay to brutalize any Muslim, because certain media outlets are trying to portray the entirety of Musilim culture as "terrorist" (which it most emphatically IS NOT), but children? If it's okay to teargas Muslim children, is there any hope left for society?

Perhaps it's not considered a big deal because no-one was killed, and maybe the Ohio PD considers it a "prank", but those young children will have nightmares for weeks at the very least, and probably PTSD for months (if not years) more. They thought they were safe on American soil - aren't we supposed to offer asylum? When an action makes refugees want to leave our country, we should be ashamed of ourselves.
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