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The Real World - Such a Letdown.

I had a wonderful time at Plimoth ; pinkleader, cathgrace and I are now an official item at the embroidery sessions. At least, I assume that's what they meant when they said "who let the Three Stooges in here?!". I had a great time, and I'll post pics when I get them off my camera.

Unfortunately, I came home to the same situation some of you know about, and I had a complete meltdown on Bob, but it has now been resolved (I think). I am going to quit that doctor's office and stay with Hopkins exclusively, even though it means more doctor visits.

I'm still in pain, and feeling quite shattered at having to deal with this nonsense at the same time as trying to get a major Gardiner's event under control and sorted, trying to deal with a mountain of work that requires my full (no distractions, which is why I use my Shuffle to block sound at work) attention, and I still haven't written to my mother.

We're having a work weekend at the farm which will be mostly landscaping and doing stuff to the garage bathroom so people can use it for the event (two bathrooms! With showers! And hot water!). When I remember that our first events had one porta-potty and solar showers, I'm amazed at the luxury. This is our big Elizabethan living history event, and I want it to be a success (I'm technically running it), so I'm only slightly stressed. It's like running a huge party - which I do in March. Both run themselves to some extent, but someone has to coordinate all the happenings and people volunteering for different jobs.

But we're going to have a huge bonfire at the event, and it will be amazingly fun. Skirmishing in the woods, "bear" baiting, long-bow archery (I hope), and a bonfire and fireworks. Awesome.

(Because we're just a bunch of people and it's private land, there are no worries about insurance and stuff. And we know where the medical center is.)

It was just hard coming back to the real world after such a wonderful four days. We're fed, entertained, and allowed to work on the most beautiful, beautiful thing, and then it's all over, and I'm at my desk, eating squished fudge from Plymouth, and wondering how I can incapacitate the person who will model the jacket before it is mounted so I can wear it instead when I can get back.

pic from pinkleader:

Me, finishing up the detached butterfly wing on the finished collar.
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