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Accessorizing my Car

Yes, I'm here. I think I'm getting sick in that inevitably low-grade way I get sick most of the time. I have maybe one full-blown snot-infested, sneeze-frequent, Nyquil-requiring respiratory infection a year; the rest of the time I get a slight chest congestion, and a run-down feeling. Exciting.

But I have a new car - that I'm not driving to work yet. It is, however, awesome - and has 7 gears (including reverse, which is down and forward, and completely non-intuitive at present). It has, as I said yesterday, a retractable hard top (take that, roof-slashing b'stard teens!), and get this - the interior night display is red. I got the giggles when I turned the lights on for the first time last night.

My new car is eeeeeevil. I now have to decide how to decorate it - since we're keeping the old Miata (for commuting), I don't want to strip my long-suffering baby of her skull antenna topper, or her resident fighting crab (plush toy with a cocktail sword), but I want to decorate her baby sister with some cool stuff of her own, because even though I am very male in my attitudes and amusements, when it comes to decorating, I am all girl.

She will have a Union Jack sticker on her bumper - definitely. The antenna topper remains to be seen, but she must have one. Other bumper stickers? Well, the FSM is kinda overdone (and I was never one for meatballs), but Jeebus might be watching over me, you never know. I got 

theodorad this one a while back, But now I think she needs this one, too.

Mind you, if I'm going to have my Union Jack sticker, this one is probably the most appropriate.

(Bob has this one.)

And then - there's the interior. Do I go with a classic and get bacon air freshener? Be hiply ironic and get a hula boy for my dashboard?

(Or maybe I need Plastic Jesus. "Plastic Jesus, Plastic Jesus, riding on the dashboard of my car/ I don't care if it rains or freezes, 'long as I got my Plastic Jesus/ Me and Plastic Jesus, we'll go far...")

Don't laugh - these are tough decisions. Will whatever I pick become immensely popular in six months, and therefore completely uncool? Is being ironically hip passe? And why is pirate stuff so immensely popular? Bunny Stealth Ninja Pirates are much cooler.


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