attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

New Car times ahead

Oh, holy cow, my body hurts very badly.  Not just my arms (though they are doing their best to make me forget about the rest), but everything.  It's days like this that make me wonder if the issue is more systemic, and it only started in my arms (it did, in fact, start in my hands, and slowly grew to encompass my entire arms, so maybe I have a very hand-centric nervous system).

Anyway.  We're buying a car this evening - Miata, hard-top retractable convertible, manual transmission, black.  We're going to keep the old Miata, since the trade-in ('97, slashed and mended vinyl roof) isn't worth that much, and I'll continue to use it until the tags and such arrive, then I'll get the new one registered with base parking, and Bob will drive the old one to work (though I'm trying to persuade him that I'm happy driving my old baby, and he can drive the new one, he's being stubborn).  In this way, we spend lots less on gas (27-30mpg, as opposed to something like 15mpg for the truck), and save the wear and tear on the truck, which we need for events.

The new Miatas have way more trunk space, since they have a run-flat patching kit for tyres instead of the mini-doughnut spare tyre, and the battery is in the front.  There's enough room that we could drive to the farm for a weekend in it, provided we aren't bringing boxes of stuff down.  

I love my soon-to-be new car.  

But other than that, I'm very wiped out.  I'll be more amusing tomorrow.

Tags: new car, pain

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