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Blooming wonderful!

So, okay.

Tomorrow, we look at scans of a jacket, and some pics of women in blackworked coifs - by request.  

Today, I itch.  We spent the weekend at the farm, picking up the things we needed for Pennsic.  I also took the opportunity to check on the vulture - he/she is fledged, and gone, leaving nothing but a memory. 

A pungent, eye-watering memory.  Those little beasties really stink, I tell you.

I managed to get a few - as in five pounds or so - blackberries.  They are pretty much the last of the crop, and I am a bit sorry we missed their peak, since they were prolific this year (even though I still have a jar of the 2004 jam.  It's still really good).  The fruit looked like illustrations from a particularly romantic 19th century botany book - lush clusters of fruit entwined in honeysuckle vines, in shades of red and black.  Yummy.  I will make syrup from this lot, I think.

Less yummy (for me, at least) was the plethora of mosquitos - I slathered on insect repellent, but I am apparently too luscious to resist, and I have a dense pattern of red bumps all over my arms (like connect-the-dots for people who really need lots of help).  I even have a couple of bites on my face - and I never get bitten on my face.  They bit me through my clothes, the fuckers.  I don't know how, but they managed it.

Still, I have incredibly nice blackberries in the freezer at the farm, waiting to be boiled and strained.  I can use the syrup as a drink mix, on pancakes, in tarts (add a little pectin, and bake in shortbread cookies), and I can eat it straight with a spoon.

...You know, blackcurrant syrup mixed with a little hot water and a little whiskey is a good cough soother - I have no reason to think blackberry syrup will be any different.  Mind you, I'm not a whiskey drinker, but I'm sure vodka is just as good.  

Especially chilled, over ice.  With a couple of tablespoons of syrup.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

In addition to blackberries, I've been collecting wildflower seeds as they ripen - I have Black-Eyed Susan, Mallow, and Poppy seeds.  I plan to put together a wildflower meadow eventually.  The wildflowers have been taking advantage of the disturbed earth around the house, and are all over the place.  I also have wild Morning Glories everywhere - I need to put up the trellis I have there and train them up it.

And my nasturtiums finally came up properly and bloomed.  I'll be keeping an eye on them for the seeds.  I love nasturtiums in salad.

If you'll excuse me now, I must scratch madly at my arms.  More tomorrow.

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