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So, who isn't secretly wishing for five more hours in a day?

Just a quickie, because this is crunch week, and while I may not have clothes to make (technically, I am trimming a doublet, but it's not mine), I do have things to do -

Like make PATTERNS TO SELL!!!!!

Yes, you heard me right - thatpotteryguy has very generously offered to carry my coif embroidery patterns in the Vortex of Evil (Eadric the Potter and The Spanish Peacock), and I am busily printing up envelopes for the patterns (true to form, my printer died this weekend). But - there will be patterns.

In addition, kass_rants and I are making plans to bring you a whole range of embroidery patterns for all sorts of garments. This will take a little longer to get off the ground, but I am ecstatic at the prospect of this partnership - and y'alls will finally get the opportunity to make that embroidered jacket you've been planning for the last ten years.

(Right? Right?!!!)

I have the answers to some questions that have been asked over the past couple of weeks, but a couple of them will have to wait until after Pennsic. However, one I can answer now: florentinescot asked if I had any proof of the turned back collar/lapels of the jacket that I wear. There are two paintings of women wearing their jackets turned back - a painting of an Unknown Woman (previously identified as Arabella Stuart) by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger, dated anywhere from 1605 to 1615. The second is of Elizabeth Craven, Lady Powis, and is from the 1620s-30s. Both show the bright red lining of the jacket under the lace falling band, but in the Lady Powis painting you can clearly see the shape of the turned back jacket, and it is very clearly not a weird red edging, but the underside of the jacket. 

Hope this helps with your naysayers, florentinescot . Unfortunately, I could not find a link to the second one on line, but I can scan and post a picture of the second one if needed.

And, just as an extra, this is a nice resource of scans of paintings that might be of interest, many of which are less familiar than the ones you're used to seeing in the usual books. Below are a list of my favourites:

(warning - some of these images are large - if that's a problem, go to the index listed above, and look for the names. Some have smaller versions of the same picture)

Anne Wortley
Anne Pope (Dig that jacket/doublet!)
Lady Cary (Beautiful jacket with silver spangles. WARNING! Very large image!)
Elizabeth Foulks
Margaret Wyatt (for the French Hood enthusiasts out there)
Sarah Jones (a very appealing over gown, and turned back lapels!)
Elizabeth Honeywood ( cathgrace, this woman is wearing your loose gown!)
Unknown Lady (I find this one delightful!)
Another Unknown Lady - this one's in orange (I think I knew that sofa!).
And one final Unknown Lady - a really lovely trim layout on this ensemble. 

Have fun!

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