attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

I love my friends!

Oh .  My.  God.  You guys are so amazing - the offers for help with my pattern selling are just leaving me speechless with joy.

I just like making patterns - I've never been totally happy with the idea of running my own shop - tax, business, and other issues (quite aside from vulnerabilities with the design) have been stressing me out.  I'm a bad salesperson, and I just want to spend my time designing.  The opportunities you have offered me are overwhelming in their wonderfulness.

That meme about people online who have changed my life?  It can't express how much I have received from everyone who has offered help, advice, and solutions to the things that scare and bother me.

I am humbled and thankful from the bottom of my heart at having such wonderful friends.

Big wet sloppy virtual kisses to all of you.

Tags: thankful
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