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State of the Me

Part three of my etiquette series will be happening tomorrow (maybe). I'm in a mood for random announcements and memes today.

We'll start with the meme, but we'll skip the html, since it's big and unwieldy:

King's Advisor

You scored 76% hardcore SCA!

You may just be older than dirt, or a raving lunatic. You are about as involved as you could possibly be in the SCA. When you are at events you probably look like you just stepped out of a book. Your [spelling corrected - I can't stand the you're/your error] blood runs in kingdom colors, you are probably a peer, and your living room probably looks a lot like your campsite. You should probably get some help for your addiction, or see if someone will write a book about you.

No-one's particularly surprised by that result for me, I imagine. I've been more active in past years than I have been during this last year (house building took precedence), but that stuff adds up.

Next, we move on to what I'm doing on Friday:

I plan to be at Club Orpheus in Baltimore this Friday, from about 9:30 on (to take advantage of happy hour, and a free dance floor). Anyone who sees this is welcome to join me. I need some dancing time, and a chance to wear kick-ass (not ass-kicking; that's different) boots. 

EDIT:  Now I'm not sure I want to go; they are doing a live show that night, and I don't know that I want to spend the evening listening to some random punk band instead of a proper mix of dance music.  I may take a raincheck for a non-band night.  Dammit.  This was the first Friday I've had available in ages.  *pout*  ETA2:  I think I won't go.  The cover is $12, and I won't be able to dance as much, and it will be crowded.  So never mind, I'll be going sometime in August instead.  pinkleader, could you let Freddy and Alice know?  I don't have their e-mail handy, and they don't read my journal.

I am starting to get freaked out by the nearness of Pennsic. Not because I don't have clothes (sorry, no sewing panic for me), but because I've got this party thing, and I'm always a little nervous when I try something new. It's been massively hard to fit everything in to one week, and it stresses me out a little.

On the other hand, I have spending money this year, and I plan to use it. I need more points, wool for a petticoat, silk voile for a high-end apron, embroidery thread, and random cute things that look good to me (always a neccessity, that last one). And maybe books, if I can find any I don't have already. I was also thinking about buying/commissioning a baronial coronet, but I'm still deciding.

ccunning and I have come up with a cool thing for their Majesties that I hope to have ready to go by Pennsic. I'm rather excited about it, and will post pictures after it's been presented.  YetanotherETA:  I just realized that I have the supplies to finish them off right now, so I'll do the presentation this weekend.  Awesome!  It's a really cool project, and Chris' creativity has really added to my original idea in a very positive way.  *excited*

I have other projects I need to get done, and my petticoats are almost finished - I'll be wearing the pink one to Novice.

And there you go - a completely self-indulgent post (unless you're planning to come dancing Friday). 

ETA:  One more thing I forgot:  My work has blocked LJ's message center (but nothing else), so I can't see whether I have a message or not.  If you need to let me know something, drop a comment in the most recent entry and/or e-mail me.  Sorry.
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