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Stuff-a-rama (or: I'm too lazy to think up a clever title for this entry)

Read the comments from my last post, and see why I love writing this blog:

gwacie suggests the sheer "skirt" on the Countess of Southampton might be an apron - I will check (she might be right - which introduces an interesting line of enquiry about why the apron would be tied like that, instead of across the waistline).

mmcnealy has more skirt pictures, and after I ungraciously said I didn't need to see them, I now hope she will post the links, since

ciorstan has given us some awesome links to the Lobkowicz gown, with a picture of the top of the petticoat (though I can't see clearly enough to know how the top fastening goes, it looks like tapes - I just don't know whether they're attached, or tied through lacing holes), showing a connection between the Low Countries, Spain, and Germany in skirt construction. 

Y'all have to understand that I'm an amateur when it comes to knowing about costume - sure, I've studied it for ages, but all that tells me is how little I know of details big and small - including what the top of a darn petticoat should look like.  So, posting here, I get all kinds of input.

Bless the Intarwebs, and all who sail upon them.

It's been a busy weekend, what with issues and stuff, but I got the periwinkle petticoat sewn together (about a week for construction by hand), and will be buying some gold lace to do the guardings (4 of them) on the bottom.  The pink arrived for the green jacket outfit, and it is perfect, not least because it's not a very high grade Dupioni, so more suitable with the green linen.  And what a pink it is - it's a double shot gold and fuschia, and comes out this amazing rose/gold shade.

I got some cheap (unknown content) spools of grosgrain that I dyed an interesting shade of green last night.  It almost picks up gold overtones against the pink, and that will be the guarding for that petticoat (once I get that far).  It doesn't quite match the jacket, but that isn't as important as looking beautiful against the pink, which it does.

Seriously, you guys - yummy.

I put lacing points on the periwinkle pettiocat (I just like saying that - it's so alliterative), and into the silver silk bodies that will be worn with it (and the pink).  Now I have to stop myself from making another pair of bodies out of the leftover pink.  I mustn't - I have too many other things to do, God help me.

I've had a headache for the past five days or so - just a low-grade ice-pick in the side of my temple - but since we went to see a movie last night (The Happening - which is fun if you don't have particularly high expectations), I took extra stuff to try and kill it, resulting in the jitters.  Which, as anyone who is regularly on meds can tell you, is annoying and sucks.  Even my normal anti-anxiety stuff didn't take much of an edge off, so I think I'm going to call it a day a little early, and go home and sew (which always calms me).  We're going to IKEA tonight to buy cabinets and a dresser (for the kitchen and the guest bedroom, respectively).

Behold the excitement that is my daily life.

Finally, Peerage?  If you want it, go for it, especially if it helps you to put your heart and your soul into your work.  There's nothing wrong with wanting recognition.  Beware of overload, "radio silence", and getting too focused on the award to the detriment of your work, but the desire for outside acknowledgement is a perfectly acceptable reason to work hard and do well in your chosen field.

Just don't be a dick about it.  

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