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You sat in the sun on a hot afternoon (picture book)

 For some reason, I'm absolutely exhausted today, so you get pictures of things from the farm (very picture heavy!):

More vulture baby:


He/she is getting bigger (the feet, the feet!), and is now much more mobile - and still stinky.  Baby hisses like mad, but hasn't felt threatened enough to throw up at me (a special, special moment that has to be smelled to be believed).  The vulture momma is still hanging about the barn unless she's disturbed, and seems very protective (without being aggressive - they're not hostile animals).  She hung around in the tree closest to the barn until I left:

Bob mowed the "lawn" (more of a hay meadow at this point), so I had a clear route to the vulture barn: 


Well, clear-ish.  The locusts have been growing up and over everything.

We also have lots of wildflowers - butterfly weed is growing everywhere, and I harvested almost a quarter cup of poppy seeds off the wild poppy that seeded itself by the kitchen door (enough for a couple of lemon poppyseed muffins, if I was so inclined - but I'm going to scatter the seeds and try for more poppies next year).  A number of opportunistic plants have sprung up in the disturbed soil, but luckily, a lot of them are attractive.  We have mallows, and also a huge stand of milkweed:


Before we came to Virginia, I had no idea milkweed was so huge.  It also has a really lovely scent, very light and rose-like.  The frittilary butterflies are completely drunk on the stuff, and I managed to catch a female tiger swallowtail on one of the blooms:


The milkweed is a thing of beauty by itself:


I am thinking of trying to grow it as an ornamental, since it would sit very well in the back of a summer border, and attracts butterflies like hippies to a free Dead concert.

We also have wild black raspberries, many, many canes of blackberries (it will be a good year for jam), and blueberries, though they're a little disappointing this year.  

It was a good weekend.

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