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I will make stupid hurt if it kills me.

It's still too hot, but I am wearing awesome shoes. Plus, Bob is back from the farm today, so I don't have to spend another night alone.  

Despite the awesome shoes, and the imminent appearance of Bob, I am unhappy right now.

I don't want to write about the Speaker of the House deep-sixing the impeachment attempt, because I really don't want to hear from people who think that man did nothing wrong, but I am compelled to add this link, and that will be the last I say on the matter.  I am heartsick over this, and am deeply ashamed of my adopted country that this has not even made it into the major US news outlets, even though Clinton's impeachment farce was hashed and rehashed before, during, and for years after.

Hell, even the SoH killing the attempt should be news, and re-hashed endlessly about whether the decision was right or wrong.  Why does that man get immunity from scrutiny? 

I guess I am supposed to take away from this the idea that lying about torture and illegal spying is fine, but lying about extra-marital sex is filthy, dirty and wrong.

I find, as I get older, that I am less and less tolerant of the childish behaviour of a lot of this country - the sexism, the racism, the cheap shots and lack of real, thoughtful media coverage.  I am tired of watching people spout hate for women under the guise of reporting on Clinton, and racism when they speak of Obama.  It makes me ill to think that in the 21st century, there are men and women so ignorant of science that they think "intelligent design" is a viable theory, and that evolution is unproven in any form.

I am tired of people who are so ignorant that they do not know what scientific theory is, and that instead of trying to improve their education, they demand that everyone be dragged down to their level instead.  I am tired of the endemic racism I encounter, and the unthinking sexism, and the assumption that because the Bible says something, then everyone in the US should follow it, whether they believe in the Bible or not.

I am extremely tired of "environmentalists" who refuse to consider nuclear plants as an alternative power source that isn't dependent on the weather, is safer and cleaner than coal, is reneweable, produces very little waste, doesn't destroy the ozone layer or produce greenhouse gases, and is used safely every day for medical purposes.  I am tired of new-age idiots who turn every environmental issue into an anti-capitalistic issue instead, and I am really tired of pseudo science.

I don't want anyone telling me what to do with my body, my thoughts, my money, my life, or my property.  I want smart people in charge - people who are rocket scientists, thinkers, philosophers - brilliant minds that can figure out the best course for the country and stick to it under fire and accusations from idiots.  I want someone who can say "if you have a problem with this, I will take responsibility for the decision".  I want someone who can look at things and make the hard choices that the general public refuses to make.  We're running out of fuel, air, space, resources.  This is no time for irrational prejudice, this is the time for rational, scientific thinking, and smart, informed action.

I am tired of weasels.  I am tired of prejudice against smart people.  I don't want "one of the guys" as a leader, I want someone smarter than me.  And if there's no-one smarter than me, we're in trouble. 

I am tired of any group, lobby, or minority that wants to impose their rules on anyone else, because they can't stand the idea that someone, somewhere, is doing something they don't approve of.

I am tired of stupidity.  I am tired of wilful blindness.  I am tired of stupidity.  I am tired of wilful blindness.  I am tired of prejudice.

I am sorry, I really don't want to debate this right now.  Comments are disabled.  ETA:  Well, now they are.  Thanks!
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