attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Humidity kills!

People, I am dying of the heat.  It is easily 88 degrees in my office, and humid, since the air conditioning is not working, and will not be working for the foreseeable future.

I can't think.

But Bob and I were discussing the Pennsic party over the weekend, and I'd love to see people in their most authentic stuff.  The sponsoring website is extreme costuming, after all.  And the Attack Laurels, they have permission to strip and burn anyone who doesn't meet their exacting standards.

Or something.  

What I really mean is that I'd really like to see the great things you guys have made - we can take photos, look fabulous, and make everyone who couldn't be there insanely jealous.  It will totally rock.  We could even gather the people with matching time periods together for group photos - that would be awesome.  

I'm adding a small prize for the outfit I think most embodies the "extreme" ideal (The Dean thinks this is a good idea, since it will cause unrest), and I'll give it out at the same time as the door prizes.


Off  to melt in a little puddle, now.
Tags: attack laurels, bleurgh, little gifty things, party, pennsic
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