attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Bullet points are my friend...

It was an extraordinary trip, and with delightful companions, too (who managed not to kill me - I am impressed). It was massively productive, and I'm afraid I can't show you pictures. But I have a whole cd-full for pinkleader and cathgrace , who were totally awesome plane/road-trip buddies.

I'm exhausted still (couldn't take today off, alas), so you get a couple of bullet pointed things that were highlights, and I'll fill in more tomorrow or Thursday.

* The pink and green garters are almost definitely Sprang - pinkleader managed to identify the finish point.
* The red garters are knitted in the round, using what looks like two separate lines of white thread for the designs, and are 20 stitches to the inch. I will be trying this out in the near future.
* I saw buttonhole stitch so fine it looked like fabric. I must also try this in the near future.

at Plimoth:
* Tricia gave me two spools of the Gilt Silk Twyst in return for six coif designs - and gave my name to the Plimoth shop person to possibly sell them there. Woot.
* I can haz neat buttonhole stitch nao plz - I was doing better than I thought by the end of the session - even I was pleased.
* I brought my grandmother's sewing box (c.1800) for show-and-tell and Wendy gave me some amazing information, and she totally rocks.
* Everyone at Plimoth totally rocks. In awesomesauce.
* Got to see teardrop spangles being made. Epic.
* Talked a lot with Jill about jacket construction. And to the wardrobe department about lacing (I must get that article written).
* I bought too many books, and wrote down the titles for more. I need to catalogue them some day.

There's tons more, but I am terribly worn out, and probably just suffering a little post-trip depression, as my heart aches in a moody and oh-so-emo way, but nothing is actually wrong (y'know, apart from the usual aches and pains). Sapphire is this weekend, but fortunately, I have nothing to scary or difficult to be responsible for there, so I'm just going to hang out with Gen and Alan, and mooch. Come find me if you want to chat.
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