attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Evil takes a Holiday

I am on my painfully slow home computer today, so while there are many comments I want to reply to in my previous post, I'm waiting until Monday, when I will be back at work.    You guys rock.  :)

We're off this weekend to the Freescholar/White Scarf meet, and will be spending a couple of days (well, today and tomorrow) at the farm first, so we can do a couple of things (plus we have a couple of people staying).  

And now I'm actually boring myself, so I'm going to go back to working on the lacing points for the sleeves I've made for my blue bodies.  They're white linen tape with blue linen sewn aglet points, and look rather cool.  The only trouble is that they're super-dense, and I've already broken a sewing needle on them.  

That's the first time I've ever broken a hand needle - snapped right in the middle.  No wonder my arms are cranky this morning.

Evil out!

Tags: house, life, projects
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