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Oh, look, a second useless post

Shhh. I'm pretending to be a teenager today - very self-involved, with useless information and memeage.

(Those of you who just laughed, shut up.)

(Am not!)

(okay, okay, I'm totally self-involved all the time.  I admit it.)

First useless tidbit of information:

I worked out that my car (a '97 Mazda Miata) gets 27.6 miles to the gallon, with me driving at 80mph to work four days a week. If I drove the speed limit, I could up it to 30, but I like my speed.  This is a bit of a relief, since I was afraid the efficiency of the engine had gone down a bit, seeing as it's 11 years old, and all.  I love my car.

In perusing possible replacements, I have two requirements:  Proper speedy acceleration, and a convertible top.  I need speed, and I can't imagine being without a convertible, since the ability to cruise down 95 on a warm spring day with the top down and the empty road ahead of me is why I love this country, dammit!

Yes, I know - bad for the environment.  And I'm admitting this on Earth Day, too.  But I need my vices, and for the moment, the ability to drive fast is one of them.  I have no excuse.  I'll compost, I'll recycle, I'll switch to all earth-friendly products, I'll even eat Sun Chips, but don't take my speed. 


You know the Bible 82%!

Wow! You are truly a student of the Bible! Some of the questions were difficult, but they didn't slow you down! You know the books, the characters, the events . . . Very impressive!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
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Frankly, I'm amazed.  I even admitted at the end that I don't read the Bible (and I don't; didn't google anything, either).  I have a crossword-trivia brain, though, and Bible nibblies are always fodder for crosswords (especially the Washington Post - go figure).

I guess all those years of church school counted for something after all.  I'm still waiting for the day math will save my life.  I keep a calculator handy, just in case.

You never know.
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