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Reduced, Re-used...

And too tired to recycle a post.

Hey, guys, Happy Earth Day.

Now - we've overstayed our welcome.  The place is a mess, the oceans needs scrubbing, and our host is running out of food - let's get our rears in gear and start colonizing other planets.

Just a thought.

I was watching TV last night, and was impressed by the number of ads that now manage to work "green" into their pitch somehow.  I can't blame them for jumping on the "green" bandwagon - they have to keep people buying their products, even though eco-friendly policies frown on the mass accumulation of material goods.  

There's a strong irony in the possibility that if we really went green, we'd tank our economy, which is absolutely not geared towards the idea of "reduce, re-use, recycle".  


I'm heavily into "I'll sleep when I'm dead" territory - my current event list goes something like this:

FS/WS get-together this weekend
May 3-4 - Maryland Sheep and Wool
May 10-11 - Jamestown Landing Days
May 14-19 - Plimoth
May 24-25 - Sapphire

...and after that, house stuff in time for July 4th (Bob will be doing house stuff while I am busy), when a number of people descend on the place, and will need someplace to sleep.

My to-do list is as follows:

Get shop on-line (priority) - there is a large subset of things that need to be done still for this, too.
Update web site (almost done)
Make Dr. Appointments (priority)
Emissions Inspection (tomorrow)
Finish sleeves for Bodies I'm wearing to MS&W and Jamestown
Make display board for MS&W
Hem curtains for guest room (I managed to get that done yesterday)
House stuff - can only do while at Farm
Record song for Bob's sister (she's in the music business, and I have this song...)
Organize October Gardiner's event
Organize Attack Laurel party at Pennsic
Make  elizabethnmafia's Laurel Scroll

And then, I have the list of things I want to make:

Re-do white doublet completely (sleeves, tabs, collar, trim)
Pair of sleeves (I have this great silk...)
Doublet from silk/figured velvet (okay, the leftovers from my curtains - but they are silk/figured velvet)
Blue silk cushions w/ applique
Knitted stockings for Bob
Embroidered laurel wreaths on blue and white cotehardie
Embroidered bedspread
Velvet trousers for Bob
Knitted mittens
Hand-sewn cassock for Bob
Linen jacket 

...and I know I'm forgetting several things.  

Sleep when I'm dead.  Sleep when I'm dead.  Sleep when I'm dead.
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