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One Word: Disobedience

Alas, meme first.

I had a good time at Night on the Town, and I'm super-proud of my minions, who got good things in court, and are generally awesome (go, minions!), but I did Jamestown the day before, and I am wiped out.

So, until my brain starts working, you get the one word meme.  But because I am bad at following rules, I'm just going to riff on the prompts, because I never use one word where ten will do:

1.Where is your mobile phone? My mobile phone lives in my purse, but I often forget to turn it on, because only a few people have the number, and it's generally for emergencies, or when it is absolutely essential I call someone that very second.  I deeply dislike the people who drive while on their phone because they always, without fail, drive like idiots.  You may be saying to yourself right now "I am not an idiot and I drive while talking on my cell phone!", but you're wrong.  Sorry. All cell phone+driving people drive slower, weave more, and fail to see the Miata in the lane they're coming into while not indicating or bothering to look in their mirrors.  It's also a Tracfone, so it's not exactly state of the art, but I'm not particularly worried about the hipness of my phone.  It works, that's all I care about.

2.Your significant other? Bob is in Court all day today.  I will be extra-nice to him tonight.

3.Your hair? Needs washing, but my arms hurt when I wash my hair, so I sometimes leave it for a couple of extra days and fake it by putting it up.  The bangs are finally long enough that it doesn't look sloppy when I put it up, but today I am sporting a rather severe Ballet Instructor look, albeit with a super rhinestone hair fork.

4.Your mother? Is the most amazing woman ever, breaking gender boundaries at her work, so good at what she does that The Economist keeps hiring her freelance and won't let her completely retire.  And is owed a letter from me, her adoring daughter who hopes she can be half as amazing someday.

5.Your father? Has recently moved, and not sent me his address, so I was unable to send him a birthday card for the first time in twenty years or so.  Mind you, I'm usually a bit late with them, but he does get one from me.  I need to get that address - he writes great letters.

6.Your favorite thing? I have no one favourite thing - every time I discover something new, it becomes my temporary favourite thing, and I have a list of things to do that are all too appealing for words, and I don't know which to do first.  I'm inadvertently doing that "50 for 50" thing without planning to.  Currently, I am making awfully bad knitted socks - entirely by feel, since I can't read instructions - I have to have someone show me, or look at an original.  It's a terrible sock (I finished it Saturday), but I made it, it's my first sock, and it fits.  Good enough for me!

7.Your dream last night? I have multiple dreams every night, and they are not often cohesive in a manner that allows for description - I think there was something about Blenheim Palace and a llama at one point.

8.Your favorite drink? Again, it depends - it could be pineapple juice, Diet Coke, Lhassi, or ice-cold water - or anything.  The one guarantee is that it won't be sekanjaban, warm milk, or Chocolate Cherry Pepsi.

9.Your dream/goal? The success of my endeavours.  I want to do things, but am often crippled by the fear of them going terribly wrong.  I had a rather sheltered childhood, and the logistics of some things defeat me in the most ridiculous ways (I did not learn how to ride American buses until I was 17, and didn't learn to drive until I was 21.  I was not very good at going places, but I walked a lot).  I get scared when faced with the unknown.

10.The room you're in? My office probably reflects the state of my brain - chaotic, messy, filled with strange things, and I know exactly where everything is.

11.Your ex? I know many things about him I should not reveal in public.  I'm saving them for when he runs for public office (which means he's probably pretty safe).

12.Your fear? Male authority figures, and in large part because of that, the unknown.  Most of the other smaller fears I have stem from that primal fear, which was put in place when I was very, very young.

13.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Where I am now, but with a finished house and a Virginia driver's license.

14.Where were you last night? On the sofa, watching the mostly lame "Night of Too Many Stars" on Comedy Central, and knitting the other sock.

15.What you're not? Ideally suited to everyone's taste.  Some people just dislike me, and when they do, they do so quite loudly.  Fortunately, most people don't listen to them.

16.Muffins? Bleah.  Give me an "everything" bagel any day.  That used to be my once-weekly treat after weigh-ins at Jenny Craig - I'd go and get a bagel from the store, and eat it - no cream cheese, just me and a freshly-baked "everything" bagel.  Yum.

17.One of your wish list items? Well, I just got the bedroom set for the guest bedroom, so I'll say - an autoharp and a lap harp with tuning levers.  I'm getting pretty good at retuning my harp on the fly, but it's tedious.  And I just think autoharps are cool.

18.Where you grew up? London, Hedenham, Bamburgh, and Dorset.  I spent most of the week in London, and a good three quarters of my weekends and holidays at one of the other places, most often Hedenham.  

19.The last thing you did? Type the last answer?  Sip from my Coke Zero?  Take a pill?  Actually do some work?  You pick.

20.What are you wearing? Black - and pink.  It's still a bit cold for spring clothes today, but I have my pink and black spring skirt on.  I am so ready to be warm again.

21.Your TV? I don't get YouTube at work, so nothing right now, but if I'm working on a project, it's on.  I need the extra mental distraction - last night I was reading a book on WWII, knitting othersock, and watching TV.

22.Your pets? I have none.  I intend to keep it that way for the moment, though there might be a rat or a hedgehog in my future.  Nothing bigger than that.

23.Your computer? That would be what I'm writing this on, yes.

24.Your life? It's pretty full right now - I've got various things happening each weekend for a while, but the current push is to get everything ready for Maryland Sheep and Wool in three weeks.  Eek!  I can't really think much more than a couple of months ahead.

25.Your mood? Tired right now, but wait five minutes.  My husband is very sweet, and calls me "mercurial".  The more correct term would be "moody psycho".

26.Missing someone? Last I checked, everyone was accounted for, and I knew where they were.  

27.Your car? My dear little Miata is starting to get old, and I am forced to start thinking about something new.  Whatever it is, it needs to be small, fast, and convertible.  Other than that, I'm open.  I'm going to test-drive a Mini Cooper at some point, but I need to test the convertible, to see what the rear view is like (I tried the Solstice, which I thought was gorgeous in the pictures, but it turned out to be incredibly cheap-looking inside, and I couldn't see a damn thing out of the rear window - not even other cars, let alone the road).

28.Something you're not wearing? Trousers.  I've never been big on trousers, though I own a couple of pairs, and I only own jeans in green and black, not blue.  This stems from my fat child days, when jeans made me look even bigger.  I've never found them flattering, even now, since I have a poochy belly.  I have to pick out my trousers very carefully, and pay attention to the tailoring.  I do own several pairs of capri lounge pants, but that's because they're so darned comfortable for hanging around the house - I tend not to wear them outside much.

29.Favorite Store? That's a tough one - I like the online store Soft Surroundings for the gorgeous soft furnishings and clothes, and I love Isabella for their nice body stuff.

30.Your summer? Full - there is no longer any time of the year when something is not happening.  I miss summer holidays.

31.Like someone? These things always seem to be writtten by someone with a fear of committment - there are lots of people I like, a few people I love, about four that I would trust with my life, and one who gets to listen to my odd ravings all the time.

32.Your favorite color? Depends on my mood.  I wear mostly black, but I accessorize with green, purple, and pink.

33.When is the last time you laughed? This morning.  I laugh a lot.

34.Last time you cried? Recently.  I cry a lot, too, but it doesn't neccessarily mean much - I cry at sappy commercials.


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  • Recipe #3: Sugar Cakes

    Back to the recipes! We're actually having a fun week; on Monday, Bob and Harv picked up half a load of something like 2.5 tons of bricks…

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