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 The mist this morning, while quite lovely, appears to have secret poisonous powers that turn the frontal lobes of everyone on the road into oatmeal.

The lumpy kind.

It wasn't even the slow drivers - anything other than a bright sunny day makes a lot of them lose their tiny little minds here - but the sudden lane changes, weaving back and forth, and inexplicable desire to stop dead in the fast lane.  I'm guessing the oatmeal was "crispy cortex" flavour.

But all of that was forgotten when I came in, logged on (tuned out), and saw:  450 people on my readers' list!  Holy heck, my peeps!  I am flattered and touched *sniffle*, and totally digging through my brain to try and find some good stuff to write.

No pressure.

I'll do the real post a little later.  I just wanted to acknowledge this moment, because I'm bound to write something that will have people unfriend me in a huff, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Thank you all for your support.  The wine coolers are on the porch.  Mind you, it's not my porch, but if you're quick, they won't catch you. 

(EDIT:  It's back down to 449 again - told you so.  :)  )
Tags: happy, readers, support, woot!
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