attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Finally, Green? I mean, really.

New profile pic, thanks topinkleader.

Not much today; I'm working on my website instead, and that takes all my wit. I'll be back on form tomorrow, maybe.

In the meantime, this one is for trystbat: While I was driving down to the house last Thursday, I was very amused by my radio, and it made me think of you - The Simple Green president has a radio ad now that basically says "The government is telling you to go green. The news is telling you to go green. Even celebrities are telling you to go green. Well, Simple Green has been around for over thirty years, helping you to go green", and then talks about the awesome sauce that is their product line and history. It's hysterical to hear the slightly amused contempt in his voice when he talks about all the "new" stuff out there, and you can almost hear the *eye*roll* when he talks about the big companies finally getting their act together with environmentally-friendly products.

Suck it, Clorox. Nyah. 8)
Tags: eco-friendly, environmentalism, fun

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