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Nanananana! You say it's *your* birthday!

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet Bob, who actually celebrates his natal day today.  I love you, my sweetheart, and I hope all my friends find a man as wonderful as you for themselves (them that wants one), because everyone deserves someone as fantastic as you.  

(p.s.  I have prezzies at home.)

 It was a busy weekend.  Unfortunately, it started with my red-headed apprentice taking a header down my apartment steps and spraining her ankle, but we got that sorted.

BTW, don't go to the Howard County Hospital emergency room on a weeknight - it's like Outback on Easter Sunday, and a six-hour wait if you're not dying.

We went to Nighttime Pediatrics instead, on the recommendation of the delightful intake nurse at the Hospital.  I failed to get her name, but to the nurse who was working the HCH emergency room triage desk at 9pm Thursday the 27th of March, you were awesome.  Thanks.

(Even if you did think Bob was Lisette's dad.)

But - we had a party this weekend.  Bob's 8th Annual 50th Birthday Party, which my friends are flatteringly calling the "party of the season".  This year, the theme was Superheroes and Supervillains.  As always, I bought way too much food:

And I made a special cake.  My cakes are not masterpieces, like  sprangladyor  orlacarey's, but are more... enthusiastic (the Borg cake from a couple of years ago is still mentioned every now and then):

In case you can't read the candles, they say "curses foiled again", and we have villains on one side, heroes on the other.  The cake itself is a cheap sheet cake from Weis, but it's not really the flavour of the cake that matters so much (though it got eaten - almost completely) as the decorations.  I learned this the year I made the cake into a scene from Angry Red Planet - I made the spider-rat-bat monster and everything.

The basement got a makeover as a cross between Dr. Jekyll's Laboratory (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and Superman's Fortress of Solitude:

(Someone TP'd Superman's desk.  We think it was the Joker.)

And we had costumes.  Boy, did we have costumes:

Quatermain and Mina                   One Poison Ivy (we had two)     The Shadow and Space Ghost

Underdog                                                          Quatermain (with hat) and Rainbow Brite (best hero prize)

The Carpenter (&  the PMS Avenger)       Buffy                             Baroness Anastasia (COBRA)

The other Poison Ivy                ...and a slightly blurry Superman and Supergirl.

All the others are available to the partygoers, but I'm not posting them in a public post.

The bar got a few extra accessories:

Yes, that's Doctor Octopus.  Everyone hated me for that one.

Skulls and Kryptonite - how can you go wrong?  A couple of the skulls are antiques - the large one with glasses on the left is from the 1940s (it's an ashtray), and the little tiny one sitting on a book in the middle of the picture on the right is a match holder from the 1920s.  They used to be really popular - I have one that says "a souvenir from Nantucket" on the forehead.  I can't imagine - "here, I got you a gift.  It made me think of you".


It was a great party - we didn't break out the Karaoke, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and there was even excitement with a mouse (which I managed to catch with my bare hands) and took far, far away from the house.  It was undeniably cute, and completely brazen.  It's scaring people in the apartment complex down the road, I'm sure.

We got done about 1am (the party ended up starting before 6pm, because people arrived early), and I think it was one of the best ever - especially costume-wise.

Next year's theme is tentatively Star Wars, so I can make a Death Star cake.

...Which Bob says we can blow up in the back yard ("okay, everyone!  Stand in a circle and open your mouths!").
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