attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

I r tired

Sorry, guys, I'm exhausted - I had a very bad headache yesterday, and the drugs I took to combat it resulted in a panic attack that lasted most of the night, despite medication for that, so... ugh.

(I totally can't type right now, either.)

I started and finished a pink wool cotehardie-that-I-no-longer-know-whether-it's-period-or-not-but-it's-cute over the weekend - I did the machined seams on Friday, hand-hemmed all the edges and set the eyelets Saturday, finished sewing over the eyelets Sunday evening.  I has pink wool for Ymir - every now and then, I just want to wear some other period.  Like I said, I no longer know whether it's totally period for Europe outside of Greenland any more, but I have ceased to care, as it is not my area of expertise, and it makes me look literally three inches wide, so I like it.

I also made this

As a result of an extremely silly conversation with Bob.

More tomorrow.
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