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*Grumble* I woke up today with two bent teaspoons and a steak knife with a missing tip.  I'm not entirely sure why, so I'll just snork a couple of happy pills, take it easy, and get on with welcoming new readers!  I'm delighted you're here!  You will be too, especially since increased reader presence is more likely to make me write substantial entries, rather than whinge on about how my arms hurt.

In keeping with the post that enticed a couple of my latest readers hitherward, I did a couple of Wikipedia LOLpics.

NOTE:  I try as much as possible to do the insulting ones with my image only; while there might be a more appropriate (I'm looking at you, costume_snark) picture or two floating around (just possibly maybe kinda sorta), I don't want to make anyone miserable without their permission.  That is not how I roll, despite rumours to the contrary.

But making fun of myself?  Too easy.  I have great evidence of my megadorkiness (which continues to this day, but, as the second picture shows, is sometimes better hidden):


...of course, now, I'm apparently terrifying, but the only reason you have to be terrified around me is that I might knock something over on you - I'm a bit of a klutz.  And I use big words, but there isn't any confirmed evidence that words over five syllables cause cancer.

Or so I'm told.

Speaking of research and my early days, I need to scan the "historic" fashion designs I did when I was first in the SCA.  I got into the SCA through fandom and Cons, where I had been making costumes and entering masquerade competitions for several years.  I had the good fortune (some would say otherwise, but if I hadn't , I wouldn't be here now) to meet my ex-husband at a Balticon SCA demo, and the pretty costumes the SCA people had on made my heart go a-flutter.  The information that you could wear these costumes all the time, not just once or twice a year was too much for my 18-year old senses to take, and I was hooked.

Mind you, it took me several years to get the hang of "historical" costume.  I sincerely wish I had more photos of my early efforts - they were quite the giggle-fest.  I promise to draw up sketches of the ones I remember and show you my magnificent dorkery.

Ah, memories.

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