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 I had a complete meltdown on Bob within minutes of him arriving home yesterday - I really need to make sure I don't go sleepless too often.  The prospect of a million weekends (slight exaggeration) with a gazillion (slightly bigger exaggeration) things to do and not a second of free time (gross exaggeration for comedic effect) made me go on a short little psychotic break.

I like being busy, that's the irony.  However, I'm just a little behind in my organizing, and I need at least one day a week to do nothing so I can recharge (or polish my spoons, or whatever half-assed metaphor you want to use for needing to rest my body so I don't abuse the coedine too much).  The headache I have today has nothing to do with being a giant self-centered drama-llama, not at all.

But I promised pictures, and an update on house things.

We spent this past weekend putting in doors, attempting to get the master bath vanity top sized correctly (they made it too big, so we had to cut it down a bit), and vacuuming up another round of ladybugs.  

Of course, when I say we, I mean Bob did all the work.  I ran errands, and shoved on doors occasionally. 

But we now have a door on the master bath toilet, and I got to take my first shower and my first bath in my bathroom:


(No, of course I'm not going to put up a picture of me taking the bath.  Sheesh.)

Both shower and bath are absolutely decadent - the shower is one of those "rain"-style ones that soaks beautifully - I didn't want to get out - and the bath is a deep soaker tub and amazingly comfortable (no jets - I think they're too noisy).  The second picture shows the vanity top, but cannot convey the sheer volume of swearing required to get it to fit.  Part of the trouble was that the wall isn't entirely straight, so the measurements in front are slightly smaller than the measurements in the back.  The other part, of course, was that not only did they make it "kitchen cabinet" deep (our mistake), they made it way too wide (their mistake).  But I think it looks fab, even though it's not quite finished yet; the sink isn't entirely caulked, and the backsplash isn't in.

I also took down my little Christmas tree - since we spent Christmas Eve and the morning of Christmas Day at the house, I put up the fake one, and decorated it with the leftover ornaments we had in a box at the farm:

It is always imperative in my family that the decorations come down on or before the Feast of the Epiphany, or else it's bad luck.  We used to frantically search my mother's house for any forgotten holly or paper chains.  This year was a little easier, since I didn't do much decorating, but I almost forgot the cards I'd put on the door.

On Christmas Eve we got to see the most amazing moonrise, and Bob helped me take a steady picture of it by a) working out which camera setting worked, and b) letting me rest the camera on his head so my hands wouldn't shake too much.  The results:

(That's a star above the moon, and three perfect jet contrails.)

The smallest things about being down there take my breath away - it's so beautiful on a clear night.

And finally, we waged war on the ladybugs yet again:

I have now ordered a little hand-held bug vacuum so we don't have to haul the shop-vac into each room for one or two (or twenty) bugs.  I try not to use the regular vacuum because the bugs smell so bad, and I don't want to contaminate the machine.

And I've been shopping on-line for the past couple of days for nice house things.  Mostly little things, but JC Penney has an entire range of red appliances, and my kitchen will be white and black with red accents, so I am now awaiting my new red crock pot, red microwave, and red coffee maker.  I already have a red toaster (it's still at the apartment), and I need to get a new red kettle (I have an electric one, but the stove-top one coughed up and then spit out a vital part for its handle).  I also got an entire set of red kitchen accessories/utensils, so I should be disgustingly well-matched.  

Yes, I'm a little strange, but this is the kitchen I want, and there will not be a scrap of beige anywhere, dammit.  

(I did draw the line at buying a red refrigerator and washer/dryer, but mostly because they're too expensive.  The fridge will be black, and the washer/dryer will be in the pantry, so who cares?)

More tomorrow about my 12th Night outfit. 

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