attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Monday, bloody Monday

Snort.  Argh.  Poor Bob is sick again.  I lost an earring this morning, the Christmas cards are not yet sent out (they will be going in the mail today, I haven't forgotten you guys), and the guy stopped dead in the road screamed "FUCK YOU!!!" when I suggested he put on his hazard lights so people would know he's having car trouble, and not just being a dick (I didn't say that last part - though I thought he was messing with the car behind him by driving at 1 mile an hour).

It isn't all bad - we went to the movies Saturday, and dancing on Friday (half a drink only for me, next time - they generously free-pour, and too much liquor on painkillers makes for a headache the next day).  It was just this morning that got off to a less than stellar start.  So, until I feel more in the holiday mood to write, here's a random meme I gakked from debsiobhan:



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