attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

I love my Mother!

I really do.  She just sent me a whopping huge cheque (classy British spelling because it's in pounds sterling, making it worth almost twice what it looks like) for mah burfday.  *dances*

This comes upon the heels of the news that the front-loader accidentally ran over our septic tank and didn't just break the lid, but crushed the tank, so it needs to be replaced (to the tune of $1300 or so).  So, it came timed rather well.  Most of it will go into the house bank account, but I will be reserving a little for me (Bob insists, as it's my burfday moneeeeee!).

I am totally getting on board with this birthday week of meeeeeeeeee! thing; tomorrow evening we'll be at Dave and Buster's in Arundel Mills (come hang out!), Friday is a definite for dancing at Club Orpheus in Baltimore (we'll be there after 9:30pm - early, because I like having the dance floor mostly to myself for a bit), and Saturday I'm going antique shopping (and can splurge a little because of the aforementioned cheque).

I'm also keeping an eye out for theme items for Bob's birthday party next year - it's Super hero/ines and Super villains.  I usually spend a few months preparing all the bits that go into the party, and start with the prizes (we do a costume competition), door goodies (I have to come up with something interesting, since last year's "medical packs" complete with prescription candy was such a hit), and decorations.  Bob will be Alan Quatermain from "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" (the movie version, since he does a great Sean Connery impression), and I will be Mina (red hair, black clothes - duh).  

(The Alan Quatermain thing makes me rather happy because my grandparents were good friends of H. Rider Haggard - they lived in the same parish for many years.  I have a gorgeous rock crystal and garnet pendant (it's huge) that Haggard gave to my grandmother as a wedding present.)

And I found the most gorgeous green comforter for the master bedroom (at the house) while buying my mother 400 thread-count sheets for Christmas, so I'm extra happy.  I'm sorry to be bragging about all of this, but I'm just completely *squeeeeee'd* about life right now - though that may be the painkillers talking.  I'll be back to my evil sarcastic self tomorrow, I promise.

Now, to keep my fingers and toes crossed that nothing awful happens until Monday so I can enjoy my entirely self-indulgent 38th birthday week...


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