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Lovely Weekend

Time change and lack of sticking to my gluten-free diet (I must get back on it!) kicking my butt.  Plus, Bob is really sick, so he's snoring loud enough I can hear it through my ear plugs.  No sleep last night for me.

Well, I dozed on the sofa, but since I couldn't find my portable alarm clock, I was paranoid about oversleeping, so woke up every twenty minutes or so to check the clock.  Ugh.

The weekend was fab - I have pictures from the wedding, which I'll post tomorrow (haven't downloaded from the camera), and I got to wear my beautiful cocktail dress with the extremely distracting neckline (covered by my yummy 

theodorad -supplied Pashmina most of the evening, since I was chilly), and halowenslut looked like Veronica Lake - just gorgeous.  Great site, great food, great cake, and great friends.  Unfortunately, someone got their car towed (not us), so we contributed to the whip-round to pay for the towing fee.  But other than that, it was lovely.

The old house is looking more stripped - you can really see the framing on the oldest part, now, and they're taking all the slates off the roof.  One of the guys doing the removal is a carpenter, and he wants to reassemble the old part on the museum site with just the framing, so people can see how a house from that era was built.  I don't know whether they'll let him, but that would be a very cool outcome for the house, since destruction comes with cat-like roar this weekend.

I'm working on transferring the pattern for the bedcover, but it is being done down at the farm, since there's not really enough room to spread out in the apartment.  I don't have the wool yet, so there's no big hurry, but it will probably take about ten hours or so to get the pattern drawn out on all the pieces (there are four total).  And I did actually take pictures of the test motif:


The whole piece took about 19 hours, but that was probably a little slow because of testing details and decisions.

It's reverse chain stitch, and there are (I think) four different flower motifs with a vine pattern tying them all together.  This test was on linen, since I started it before the twill came in, but it tests well on twill, too.  Still should take me about 5 years, though.  :)  And who knows how much wool.

And just for giggles and grins, here are some slightly better pictures of my Halloween outfit, where you can see the beaded sleeves (which are really the best part of the outfit).


Please excuse my messy apartment; that's shop stuff you see behind me in the third picture.



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