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A pasty is still a pasty by any other name...

Still painful.  In fact, a little more so than yesterday.  A couple more days, and I'll be back to normal.  Whee, painkillers. 

But, I had a delightful Halloween.  I think pinkleaderwill have pictures - I dressed in my "Moulin Rouge" outfit (blue brocade corset with black beaded sleeves, tiered petticoat, bustled skirt, Enzo Agnolini '80s "Victorian" ankle boots to DIE FOR that I got for $5 at the thrift store) with my bird bones necklace, and handed out candy at pinkleaderand Alan's house.

Pink did put one of me up on her Flikr page, so I've snaffled it:  

Not the most flattering angle, but hey.  I'm not exactly tall and willowy to begin with.

(Oh, the beaded sleeves on the corset were originally made as part of a black version of the Ever After ball gown - they're constructed rather well, I think, and have copious amounts of beading.  Sadly, the rest of the dress didn't turn out as well as I liked, and then I lost more weight, so I took off the sleeves and put them on my blue corset that I wear out dancing, and it all looked so great I left them on there.  I'm not sure any of the photos capture them well enough, so I may have to take other pics.  I really should put that one on my "other eras" page - they took forever to make.)

We drank a bit, handed out some candy (most of the kids were in costume this year!  ...and we unmercifully hassled the ones that weren't), then  theodoradcame over, and Pink (resplendent in her electric pink wig), theblueleader, theodorad, Alan and I went out to downtown Silver Spring to a restaurant called Ceviche.

Now, I work right down the road from the downtown section, but I've never seen it at night.  During the day, it's a bunch of buildings, and looks rather boring.  But apparently, at night, it turns into a neon wonderland of restaurants and shops, and it's really rather cool.  We must do things like that more often, since it's right down the road from Pink's place.  One of the things I love is hanging out on summer nights in night-friendly areas (I love Fell's Point, and the Inner Harbour in Baltimore).  When I was a teenager, friends and I used to go down to the Smithsonian to walk around and hang out, and I always loved that sort of thing.  So, last night was fun.  And should be repeated.  Often.

The restaurant is rather good, too - it's South American, but I got a beef pasty.  Oh, it was called an empanada, but I know a beef pasty when I eat one, and this was a beef pasty (albeit missing the peas).  Very tasty, as were the corn fritters stuffed with Gruyere cheese.  Alan's mussels were good, too - and I probably drove him up the wall reaching over his plate to dump the shells in the bowl.  :)  The prices were pretty reasonable, and they, as the name implies, have a variety of raw fish dishes in the traditional South American style.  They have a bar/tapas area, and a dining area, the music wasn't too loud, the service was good, and there's a parking garage right nearby.  What's not to love?

And beef pastys.  I'm serious - perfect flaky pastry, fine beef, potatoes (and okay, a little red pepper, which isn't normally featured in your Cornish pasty).  Yum.  And the right amounts, too - though I needed considerable help finishing off the corn fritters.

So much fun, I got home at 11:15, and didn't get to sleep until after midnight.  Unfortunately, I didn't sleep well - I haven't been entirely gluten-free lately, and it's showing - so I woke up permanently at around 4:30am.  At least I get to nap this afternoon.

I worked some more on the test motif for the cover (it's all reverse chain stitch), but it isn't completely done (still testing some bits), so I'll post a picture Monday.  I'm up to about 15 hours on the one motif, so I should have the bed cover done in... oh, about five years.

Thank God the things I make don't go out of fashion, eh?

Extra edit: Oh, my god, oh, my god, oh, my GAWD

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