attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Hey and welcome to all the new people who signed up as a result of my last entry!

A few things I want to let everyone know, and now seems like a good time to say them:

1.  I love you all.  No, really.  Having a bunch of people reading my daily (well, four times a week or so) drivel makes me try a lot harder to write coherently and interestingly and adjective-ly.  You all keep me from filling each entry with whines about my health, my job, and how nobody ever listens to me.  That said, I can't friend you all back automatically, but I try to read a bit of everyone who friends me, and it's a fantastic way of goofing off on a slow day at work (which I haven't had much of lately, alas).

2.  All my entries are unlocked.  This means I try very hard not to name names, get embroiled in the latest drama, take sides, or say things that I don't want everyone to read.  As such, if you read something I've written and think it's about you, it's not (I garronteeeee it).  I speak globally, and when I write about the SCA, I use general patterns of behaviour to illustrate my point, and stay as far away as I can from specifics.  This is as much to keep my journal neutral as it is to avoid getting nasty comments.  :)

3.  That said, I am perfectly fine with people cross-posting any entry they feel has merit or relevance.  This gives me a happy warm feeling akin to consuming a couple of rum and diet cokes (with lime), and delusions of fame and grandeur, so you don't need to ask permission.  If you decide to quote me in an e-mail or some such thing unassociated with LJ, please include my name and a link back to the relevant post.   And if you let me know you've done so, is to be having happy feelings all around.  

(Uh, this probably mostly applies to my SCA readers.  But if you like one of my occasional humour posts, the same idea applies.) 

4.  I appreciate all comments (if I didn't want comments, I'd be writing a paper journal), but if you have a serious problem with something I've written, excercise your inalienable right to hit the "back" button.  I try not to write anything too controversial, but I will occasionally (especially in my humour) push a button or two.  Don't waste your time getting offended; tell yourself I'm merely another random idiot blogger with no relevance to the real world, and delete me forever from your friends list (I really don't mind; I don't get any pleasure out of upsetting people).  Don't bother to rip me to shreds in my comments section; it's much more cathartic to get a diary of your own and shred me there, trust me. 

 ...make sure you link back to my post so I get more readers.

5.  Just kidding.  Polite, reasoned discussion is welcome any time.  Just don't call me names or express your wish for me to die in novel and newsworthy ways in the comments section is all I ask.

6.  Thank you all for reading.  I'll try to justify your decision to friend me by writing witty insightful stuff.

7.  Or tasteless humour that would make a longshoreman blush.  My choice.

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