attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Requests, notes, random things...

1.  Destructo-weekend is most definitely the last weekend of October (26-28) - there will be a cannon shot through something at some point.  If you're interested in attending (we're smack-dab in the center of Virginia off route 15) and haven't received an e-mail, leave me a comment with your e-mail (suitably set so as to foil harvestBots) or e-mail me at elsworthy AT netzero DOT com, and I'll forward directions and such.

2.  I have been making stuff for the shop, including shaped and trimmed felt hats (mostly in women's sizes).  I'll be selling next at Holiday Faire.  I will also have a couple of new coif patterns, and maybe a sweet bag pattern or two, but I can't commit to that for sure.  I've been making more jewelry (including what I think is a rather nice blue and silver Italian girdle, which is adjustable up to 50")  just because I like making things, and this leads me to point #...

3.  My necklaces in their current storage keep getting tangled (and the price tags aren't helping).  I have discovered that egg cartons are perfect for storage, but I just don't eat eggs at a massive rate.  If anyone who is local to me (you know who you are) can save egg cartons (half dozen, dozen, super-mega cholesterol death size, whaterver) and get them to me before Holiday Faire, I'd be super grateful.  UPDATE:  Actually, I just found a great site that has all sorts of egg cartons available, so I picked up a bunch for cheap.  Thank you to those who thought about and offered egg cartons, but I'm good, and these ones are super-stackable.

4.  I'll be at  St. Mary's City this weekend, so will not be at Crusades, sorry.  I hope all of you who are going will have a wonderful time.

5. theblueleader will be playing her Freescholar prize at Holiday Faire.  Find her at Crusades and ask for one of the handbills she has advertising the event.  We're trying to make the experience as period to the prizes of the London Schools of Defense, and I think it will be huge fun, so be sure to come by and support her at Holiday Faire.

6.  I still feel a bit sick, and I have a sinus headache.  It's not really a point, but what's a journal without a little self-indulgent whining?

7.  Y'all have a great day.
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