attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Oh, for *insert swear word here*'s Sake!

...because we all know that I swear like a Longshoreman, but putting it in the title where random innocent F'list readers might see it is not in my nature.

I don't swear much at work, either, 'cause it's not professional, or some such junk.  Though I want to, I really want to.  I come in this morning with sponsorships expiring, passwords not working, sponsors not being in the system even though I've been told to use their name, and the whole shebang goes blooey today, because BigBoss[TM] kinda "forgot" to get me any information until 3 days before expiration, which was Friday, which is a day I'm not in, and the army doesn't think in terms of "business days", so I'm screwed in a minor sort of way, and a major sort of way if I don't get this sponsor thing worked out.  Gots me e-mails in to the right people and such, but I think I'm probably screwed.

If you don't hear from me tomorrow, it's because my computer has been taken out back and shot in accordance with Army regulations pertaining to contract employees who lack a sponsor.

Just so you know.

The weekend was fine; I still haven't pulled photos off the camera, but the new house looks almost liveable.  Unfortunately, the sewer gas from the septic tank (cesspit) is backing up the dry pipes, since the utility room and master bath both have drains-in-progress, so it's a bit methane-a-riffic in the house unless all the windows are open.  Fortunately, it was a gorgeous weekend, and Bob designed the window layout in such a way that we get a fantastic cross-breeze, so it was manageable.  We will be getting various open drains capped until the bathroom is done, however.  Can't get a temporary occupancy permit if we're liable to suffocate.

I know, I know, light a match.  But I'd much rather do that in the old house - after we've salvaged everything.  It is, after all, insured.  (Note to anyone reading this without a sense of humour:  I am not advocating arson.)

(Well, only a little bit.)

Speaking of demolition, we're thinking the last weekend in October (that would be the 27th and 28th) for tearing down the house.  If you're interested in being part of a mad whirl of dust, dead bugs, and destruction,  contact me. 

We have tools.  Oh yes, we have tools.  Bob really wants to use his scary Destructo-tool of Death[also TM; lots of stuff mentioned here is TM, just because] on something that will scream in protest as it feels the icy hand of tool-wielding death on its joists.  

Mind you, one good lean and I think half the place would fall down on its own; there's a hole under the carpet in the sitting room, the old deck buckles and heaves like a ship under sail, and I have no idea what's going on behind the paneling in the upstairs of the oldest part of the house, but the stains on the downstairs ceiling frighten me.  If you come, we'll have dust masks.

And wasp spray.  Don't forget epi-pens, and let me know where you keep them ("At home" is not the correct answer).  I'm not saying you'll get stung, because I've been annoying insects down there for over seven years, and I haven't been stung once, despite hand-to-hand combat with many stinging beasties (nor have I been fanged by snakes, bitten by spiders, or infested with poison ivy, and though a lizard bit me once, it had no teeth to speak of, so it just pinched a little).  Just saying you should be careful, y'know whatti meen?  We think there's a hornet's nest in the hole under the house that we laughingly call a root cellar, but we'll deal with that and get everyone else to stand back at a safe distance.

Raid, you is my friend.  Not ecologically sound, but then, I have friends who have puked on my carpet, and are still friends, so I'm not that picky.

We'll also have the sewer gas problem fixed by then, so the new house will be safe to stay in.  Oh, and we have a door on the bathroom now, so going to the loo is not quite such an exhibitionistic prospect.

...That reminds me of the weirdest toilet I ever saw - in the house of a bunch of hippies, the loo was downstairs, on a small platform, in the middle of an entirely open basement.  No curtains, or nuthin'.  It was a curiously vulnerable experience, since I am not the type that enjoys company (or the accidental prospect thereof) when I do the neccessary.  But anyway, our guest bathroom is not like that.

We need to get various things for the house still, like a shower curtain rod that fits and a mirror for the bathroom (that isn't a cheap piece of expensive crap from Target that doesn't work with the lights, and is so heavy that it pulls out of the wall, arrrghhh), but my new bedside lights are fab.

Pictures when I get them downloaded, which may be tomorrow, but may also be Wednesday, since I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.

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