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Slow and Steady...

I woke up very early this morning (insomnia, subtype: chronic), and I got pulled into reading old entries on this blog.  I apologize very much to all the people who left comments on my posts to whom I never replied; I tend not to go back and re-read old posts, so I miss that kind of thing way too easily.

So... sorry.  I really am.  Some of those questions were good questions.

Like the one asking how I manage my chronic pain and still do all sorts of crafty-type things:  It was written in 2011, and a lot of health things have changed for me since then, but my routine is always the same.  I manage with a combination of meds, rest, and allowing projects to take a long time, i.e., I never do anything on deadline unless I absolutely have to.  Currently, I am working on my second jacket, "Patience", but I am unable to pull the 11-hour working days I used to manage.  I am lucky if I get 4-6 hours in on any given day, but I am committed to finishing it, so it will happen.  I have no deadline, other than "I would like to get this project finished in under 10 years chronological time".

I have a long list of projects, some SCA, some not, and they will all slowly happen.

I guess that's how I manage my health issues and projects; slowly.  But it's okay; I will get them finished, and it will all be good.  And in the time it takes to get them finished, I will have thought up a hundred new projects.  It's all good.
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