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Seems like old times...

Except we got bathroom breaks, and lots of fun people to hang out with.  Once upon a time, I did a Foods and Feasts Thursday and Friday with Bob, and it was us and five or six staff only.  I talked for two days straight in the four-bay house, and it was awesome, because it was the first time I was allowed to interpret entirely unsupervised.  Also, I met the Prince of Denmark, and his brother, the Pretender to the Throne (they were attending an American university, and had come for a visit).  I don't even have pictures from that long-ago time, but I still tell everyone who will stand still long enough about being handed the heart and liver of the pig they were butchering outside and asked "they said you could do something with this; can you?" (I could; I made a pie, as any proper British person will, when handed animal organs of dubious origin)(it was a pretty good pie, as I recall).

pinkleader and I were in the Governor's House, she in the Gov.'s bedroom, I in the parlour, and we talked about all sorts of things.  She also got a photo of me in my pretty pink and green stuff and I am even smiling:

governors parlour May 2014
I do so love that petticoat.

The great thing about interpreting is that you can talk about anything the visitors are curious about - we talked 17thC English politics, clothing, furniture, and, with two delightful 3rd grade girls, about how we were the best museum, because "you can go back and look at things again, and try on stuff, and do things, and it'shotI'msweatinghowdothesoldiersdothisinallthoseclothes?!".   I love that.  All the visitors we got were lovely, polite, engaged, and interested, which is a treat, always.  The two girls were so cool - they wanted to see the pretty things on the sideboard (behind me in the pictures), but they didn't touch, and were very careful when I let them feel the porcelain cup.

It was a really great day, even if I did sweat through my shift before 11am.

We're planning to go back for the last weekend in June - June is their costume and textiles focus month, so we'll be in our nice clothes, including me in my embroidered jacket, which is currently being overhauled with a new lining and some size adjustments based on the jackets Pink and I got to examine.
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