attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Je ne really sais quoi...

Holy God, this is one of the most hilariously awful things I've heard in a long while:

I'm (at least part of the time) a musician. I perform (rarely), and I've put out two albums with my friends. I listen to all sorts of music, and try to keep up with what's new. I even write songs, albeit slowly; one every 5 or 6 years seems to be about my speed.

The people that put out the album above? I don't think they actually understand what "music" is.  It's made more hilarious by the fact that the main guy is Zak Bagans, host of Ghost Adventures.  On the other hand, it seems logical that someone who doesn't understand basic physics doesn't understand basic musical composition.  I bet he tells himself it's "artistic".

I prefer jejune.
Tags: music, silly, wtf

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