attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Happy new year! And a special offer!

As the title says, happy new year to everyone.  This year, my resolution is to be more active on-line, and even (gasp!) finally join Facebook (probably right before someone comes up with a new form of social media, and everyone jumps ship).

I have one new nightcap pattern almost ready to go, and four special new patterns.  I'll be announcing those when they're ready.

I also would like to put out a request to my faithful readers, with the added incentive of  a little present.  Would you, or someone you know, who has completed a coif or nightcap using an Extreme Costuming pattern, like to have your embroidery featured in the Reconstructing History catalog?  We are looking for photos we can use to show off the patterns properly for people shopping Reconstructing History on-line. To say thank you, everyone who sends me a photo, whether it gets used or not, will be sent an exclusive embroidery motif suitable for a pincushion or sweet bag.

Here's what to do:
1.  Send a photo or a link to a specific image (not your whole website!) to extremecostuming AT gmail DOT com. The image must be in jpeg form, because I am a technological  numpty, and I need consistency. Please don't send links or pictures to my other e-mail, or put in them comments under this post.

2. Include your name, your e-mail address (so I can send you your exclusive pattern) and the name of the pattern you used.  Let us know if you want your name published or not - you can go anonymous if you want.

3. The nightcap or coif must be completed. You can model it on yourself, a friend, or a foam head, but it must be completely finished and ready to wear.

4.  We'd love a small blurb detailing the threads and stitches you used, and any other fun details, like how long it took.

5. Pieces that have been altered from the original embroidery pattern (i.e., you have changed a motif, like turning a pomegranate into a rose) are not eligible   for this offer.

6.  Sending me your photo means that we have permission to use the photo in the RH catalog, but you may ask for your photo to be removed at any time.

I'm not in a massive hurry, so take your time, and be sure to let your friends know.  Love you all!
Tags: embroidery, fun stuff, patterns, yay!

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