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Pbtththpttttt.  Today has been a bit of a rough day.  Nothing bad happened, just one of those days where my nerves are too close to my skin, and I feel crappy.

I've been creating a menu for display in the new Governor's House at Jamestown for their Foods and Feasts weekend, and the whole house smells like rosewater off and on (candied fruits:  Rosewater, hot water, and whole lotta cane sugar, slice the lemons up and boil them for four hours.  Put on a rack and let dry for a week or so).  I've got pies and stuff happening too.

I also made myself a new hand-sewn wool jacket out of some beautiful hand-woven wool I bought about four years ago at Pennsic, but I am somewhat larger than I was when I made the pattern (and the wool doesn't actually stretch that much), so I'm going to be wearing it open (as in, it won't close across the front, because my boobs are too big).

Here's a picture of jackets being worn open:
Antwerp marketplace 1600 full
I love the baskets.  And, obviously, the jackets.
Tags: costume, feeling blah, jackets

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