attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Gaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! No time! eleventy!

It has been a ridiculously intense month; I'm finished on the shirt (post on that soon), and on to the ruffs that are due June 15th or so.

Here's the link to our Gardiner's weblog that has pictures of the suits being made by Eleanor and Olivia, pictures of the embroidered shirt being made by Esther, and rather boring pictures of me doing endless drawn-work.  Yes, I designed the embroidery for the cuffs and collar of the embroidered shirt; it is an amalgamation of several bands of embroidery from the period.  Yes, you can copy it if you want.  :)

Swear, I *swear* there will be a whole post on the shirt soon.  Meanwhile, here's a pic of the pleating:

pleated neck ruffle, Elizabethan
This is for the collar of the gathered shirt.  The pleats are 1/4" apart, and would be starched and set like a ruff.  It's 4.5 yards of handkerchief weight linen, cut in strips and butted together, with the drawn-work stitching carried over each of the butted seams (as in, step 1: Pull threads, step 2: Sew seams together, step 3: Do drawn-work stitching along the entire sewn-together length).

More tomorrow. 
Tags: cool stuff, embroidery, governor's clothes, jamestown, sewing

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