attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Oh, yes, I was going to post more often...

The things one says right before one becomes pinned to the sofa for weeks on end by what appears to be a sudden localized increase in gravity always come back to bite one on the ass, yes?

I've finished the drawn-work on the cuffs of the gathered shirt while so pinned, though, so it hasn't been an utter waste of time.  Also, I got the embroidery pattern for the nightcap nailed down today, and I'm ridiculously pleased with it.  It will go on sale through Reconstructing History as soon as I'm done with the cap itself, maybe sooner, I don't know.  But it's pretty, and I'm pleased with it.

I discovered that working with deep intensity on a drawing project makes my hands icy cold.  I had not noticed this before, possibly because it didn't happen when my thyroid actually worked.  I have very nice fingerless mitts keeping my hands warm right now, and the same mitts will be on sale at Lochmere's "Night Under the Town" in April.  It's the last time the shop will be open for a bit, so we can concentrate on the Jamestown project.

Which I will start posting on in more detail.  Just as soon as I can surgically remove the sofa cushions from my butt.

Oh - the vultures have started nesting, and the other day we caught the two of them on the ground in front of the chicken coop, looking exactly like a couple saying goodbye in the morning before one of them leaves for work.  I swear, they kissed.  Bob saw it too, so it's definitely not my medication.  They are so freaking cute.
Tags: embroidery, governor's new clothes, tired, vultures

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