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Just my luck, I got a lovely rhinovirus for New Years.  I'm pretty much over it now, and looking forward to Atlantian 12th Night this weekend, where Gardiner's is going to dress up pretty and show people what we do (and invite anyone interested to our next muster, since we now have a fort to play in).  I plan to wear my fancy collar and cuffs, and Bob has a new doublet to show off that he made himself.  It's gorgeous, I'm taking pictures.

We went into town on Tuesday to do some shopping and catch a movie, and we now expect delivery on a Tempurpedic Cloud Deluxe/Supreme/blah blah blah (whatever the super-soft one is).  I've been longing for one for ages and ages, and so have all my joints.  I'm a soft bed-needing kind of creature, and this is pretty soft.  We've had a memory-foam mattress topper for several years (and it's utter bliss at Pennsic, on top of the air mattress), but thanks to a Christmas/birthday present from my mother, we can swing the price on the full mattress set.  I'm looking forward to it sooooooooooo much.

We also went and saw "Les Miserables", and it's definitely a two-hankie movie, if you have (as I did) actual cloth handkerchiefs.  Kleenex-type tissues?  Bring one of those travel packs, if you're the kind that sobs at movies.  I do, and I barely stopped crying the whole way through.  It was awesome.  I highly recommend it.  I've seen the stage production as well, and I don't care if the director didn't get an Oscar nod, he deserved one; it was incredibly well-realized, and beautifully set.  Sadly, I was disappointed with the new song they wrote for the movie; it doesn't have the heart-tugging/pulling/wrenching feel of the rest of the score. 

Mind you, it's a hard follow-up, as it comes right after Valjean finds Cosette; I was still reeling from Fantine's scenes, and "Master of the House" was not enough to pull me from the crying jag I had from those.  Otherwise, I was utterly delighted with the move, and have added it to my dvd list.

Which brings me back to the rhinovirus.  It wasn't a cold; I had no sneezing, no runny nose, just a constant drain of disgusting goo down the back of my throat and a temperature of 100F, which is really hard for me to get, being on Ibuprofen all the time.  Because the movie made me all teary and snorty, I ended up with a bad sinus headache (there weren't many places in the move where I could unobtrusively blow my nose, so I sniffed a lot) and a very sore throat.  So, I got me some Halls cough drops, and I'm sure everyone else has been remarking on the little "pep talk in every drop"[tm] wrappers the cough drops have, right? 

I kept all my wrappers.  Those are not "pep talks". those are the kind of things a Marine D.I. says to new recruits who aren't moving fast enough.  Far from being affirmational, they're somewhat intimidating, and I don't like the attitude my cough drops are giving me.  Here are some of the little gems of wisdom Halls has seen fit to put on their wrappers, wrappers, I must add, that are being read by people who are sick and feeling bad:  "Don't wait to get started."  "You can do it and you know it." "Put your game face on." "Get through it." "Tough is your middle name." "Flex your 'can do' muscle." "Fire up those engines!" "Conquer today." "Be resilient." And the worst:  "Dust off and get up."

No, I don't think I will, thanks.  I'm sick, and I need some slightly less pushy commentary from something that's supposed to be making me feel better.  You know, if you're sick and you call your boss, maybe they'd be the kind of person to say "sack up, cowboy, and get your ass in to work", but I think my cough drops should not be in league with my office, who shouldn't be wanting my nasty plague-monkey germs anyway.  If I'm going to get "suck it up, cupcake" from my medication, then to hell with my medication.  I'm an adult, I don't have to put up with this kind of thing if I don't want to.  And I don't want to; I'm sick.

I would like a cough drop that says things like "call all your friends and demand they bring you soup." "wrap yourself up in a nice warm blanket.", "Go ahead, watch all of Firefly on Netflix, you deserve it.",  and, of course, "Whine."  I need pampering when I'm dealing with wads of phlegm the size of a chipmunk, not some asshole telling me to "Put a little strut in it.". 

So Halls?  "Suck it."
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