attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,

Oh, look...

Hey, we're all still here.

Good thing, because I just baked something close to 12 dozen cookies, and I hate food going to waste.

I've had a terrible couple of weeks, computer-wise; the damn thing died twice.  Of course, Bob did all the heavy lifting and driving the God-forsaken thing to Best Buy (50 miles or so from here), I just encouraged him to buy the X-Box 360 and a couple of other things, like, oh, a Keurig coffee machine, an MP3 player that takes photos, and some books.  My budget sense goes out of the window at Christmas.

Along with most of my other sense, but I retained my snarky sense of humour in the face of a million "OMG, it's like, 2012!  Armageddon!" programs on TV.  In the face of the tragic event in Connecticutt, I found them comforting, in the way that watching harmless goofy people being goofy is a welcome change from the ugly things that leave us helpless and angry.

I'm taking the internet off entirely for a few days over Christmas, so I can connect with the things that comfort me:  Bob, friends, and the countryside.  And maybe the Yule Log channel.

Armageddon' outta here.
Tags: family, good things, home

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