attack_laurel (attack_laurel) wrote,


So, I'm packing up my clothes for a solo trip to Holiday Faire (in Atlantia, for my foreign kingdom readers - all two of you that are probably left, since I'm not on Facebook), and I've done my usual thing to make sure that I bring both the top and the bottom part of my outfit (don't laugh; it could happen to you).  That thing is pointing the bodies to the petticoats.

I tried to lift it up to put it with the other things I'm bringing*, and... oof.

5 yards of linen weighs a lot, y'alls.  It weighs a lot more than wool (at least when it's dry).

*knitted fingerless mitts, braided garters, and the usual assortment of fine shirts, shifts, and trousers.

Tags: costume, sca, shop

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